The Touchstone Community: History Highlights

Artist-owned Touchstone Gallery has maintained a reputation for exhibiting contemporary work of high quality, vision and innovation by top-notch artists. Since the beginning, Touchstone’s mission remains unaltered: to enrich the lives of the community through exhibits of diverse contemporary collections of visual art; to promote a rich variety of artistic talent in the DC region;  to connect collectors with its artists; and to foster continuing artistic and career growth of participating artist through encouragement and support.  As a member owned and managed gallery, Touchstone artists enjoy the right to guide gallery policies and control their solo exhibitions.   For each piece seen in any given monthly exhibit, countless others are located in each artist’s studio.  Our director, artists and staffers are readily available for discussing all artwork types, techniques, and commission possibilities.

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Figure 8 plus 1 (part 2)

In January we introduced you to four of the artists who will be exhibiting at Touchstone Gallery in March. In their exhibit FIGURE 8 PLUS 1, the artists continue the historical tradition of exploring the human form in a variety of media and styles including photography, oil, acrylic, watercolor and sculpture. Opening Reception: Friday, March 4, 6 – 8:30 pm Artists Talk: Saturday, March 19, 2 – 4 pm.

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Guest Artists: John Blee and Dee Levinson

Washington, DC, artist Dee Levinson learned at an early age to collage imagery and colors together.  As a child she began by pasting small museum art reproductions into little booklets her mother provided.  This seemingly inconsequential activity instilled in Levinson the notion that one could mix just about anything together to make a piece of art.  Today she does this “collaging” by mixing classical forms painted in a linear manner with highly saturated colors reminiscent of early 20th century German Expressionists.

John Blee, a Washington DC artist, explores new spatial and emotional dimensions in Orchard Suite, his latest series of acrylic paintings on exhibit at Touchstone Gallery.  While most of his works vibrate with the intense spring blossom hues that are signature to his palette, several other paintings offer  deeper, nocturnal shades, reflecting inverse color themes. Playful geometries activate abstract, luminous sky-and-earth compositions and dance with one another to create an unlikely balance and playfulness.  The effect in the viewer is usually an uplifted spirit one might call joie de vivre.

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