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Looking Back: Across Time and Cultures by Dee Levinson

  • Touchstone Gallery 901 New York Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20001 United States (map)

On display: January 6 - 29, 2017

Looking Back: Across Time and Cultures
Dee Levinson

Opening Reception: Sunday, January 8, 2 - 5 pm
Hot beverages and cookies provided by Acadiana Restaurant

Painter Dee Levinson is fascinated with the history of the world and finds inspiration in cultures of long ago. With a palette of sienna, golds and other warm colors paired up with cool blues, she brings to life some of the high-powered figures who walked the earth centuries before our own time.    Dee begins each painting by examining illustrations, historical books and actual sculptures. Precise drawings follow and then, through her language of subtle brushstrokes, she brings to life on each canvas images of once-noted figures who she admires.  
Through her interpretations, she makes the subject transcend the typical understanding of particular ancient cultures, so that images are unique and compelling.  Not only are the figures powerful but the vibrant spaces around them highlight specific designs common to the culture of the portrayed time period. Each painting of highly saturated color and each dominating figure draw the viewer inevitably into conversations with strong enigmatic figures.  
In this exhibit, Looking Back: Across Time and Cultures, Dee mostly portrays figures from ancient Egypt.  However, also included is a variety of pieces depicting Middle Ages, the Americas and other royalties of the past. 

55 francois 1st le roi de france (en mort).jpg
Levinson-claude le renne de france (en mort).jpg