Artist Statement

Rosemary Luckett's mixed media drawings, collages, and sculptures reveal a lively interplay between real and surreal expression. Her works are metaphors for American culture and commerce and how they impact the natural world in unintended but negative ways. Each piece is built around a single real or symbolic object or group of items that seem unrelated to each other.  But things are not always what they seem to be.

Like Rene Magritte, who painted "the apparent visible and the hidden visible--which, in nature are never separated", Rosemary’s work points to the something invisible hiding in something more obviously visible, even ordinary. The fun for her is in trying out unusual combinations of forms and solving the puzzles she presents to herself and us.

A resident of Prince William County in Virginia, she teaches collage and sculpture at the Art League School in Alexandria, and has over 37 years of studio experience in painting, collage, and sculpting. Touchstone Gallery at 901 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC represents her work in the DC Metro area.


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Earth Blankets: "Wheelbarrow Ark"

Earth Blankets: "Wheelbarrow Ark"


Landscapes: The Terrain Within

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Altered Terrain Series:


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