Patricia Williams

Artist Statement

“Both science and art have to do with ordered complexity.”
–L. L. Whyte, 1957

I started my adult life working as an engineer (I’m still a registered professional engineer, albeit retired), and along the way I took up watercolor painting, an art form that has given me great pleasure. What better way to understand the universe than through science and engineering? What better way to comment on the universe than through art? It all comes together in Ordered Complexities. The series seeks to translate mathematical and scientific principles into artworks that express the essence of the subject matter.  Whimsical and colorful, the paintings integrate my lifelong fascination with science, math and creativity in all its forms.

I hope that anyone who sees the images will find them interesting. I hope that people who are uncomfortable with math and science will find them approachable and perhaps want to learn more about one of the concepts. And I hope that people who are dismissive of or uncomfortable with art will see that it has something to offer in interpreting the world.

The paintings are comprised of layers of transparent watercolor and watercolor pencil or water-soluble graphite on Multimedia Artboard™, a rigid paper substrate. In some paintings, intense colors and murky darks all but obliterate the underlying text. In others, wispy lines of water-soluble graphite are punctuated with jolts of color. The paintings are driven by content, but content is secondary to the interplay of color and form.  

Shows and Awards

Ms. Williams’ work has appeared in juried shows sponsored by The Art League, Strathmore Hall, the Vienna Arts Society, Falls Church Arts, and the Baltimore Watercolor Society. She received an equal merit award in The Art League’s 1994 Student Show, an honorable mention in the 2007 Landscape Show and an honorable mention in the 2014 Color Field Show. In 2014, her work as also selected for inclusion in the 15th Biennial Ikebana Show, sponsored by the Washington, DC branch of The Sogetsu School.

Her solo show, Hidden Things Revealed, was presented by Touchstone Gallery in January 2015. An expanded version of the show was presented by 311 Gallery in Raleigh NC in February 2016.

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Paintings included in Patricia's Exhibit Ordered Complexities are shown here. Click each image to read about Patricia's inspirations.

Other Paintings by Patricia Williams

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