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My paintings are about color, pattern, texture and found objects all working together to create an image that evokes curiosity and visual excitement in the viewer. My use of collage has been a way for me to incorporate these elements into my art. It enables me to not only manipulate and build the surface of a painting but also add part of the real world into it as well. The things I use as collage are objects we are all familiar with. Things that speak of their history, my history or someone else’s. As I place different papers and other objects on my canvas, I feel like I am putting together a puzzle. Frequently a story tends to develop, created from these things with old or different lives being given new ones in my image that perhaps stimulates a memory or sense of place in the viewer.

About the artist

Jill Brantley , a native of Boston, Massachusetts, resides in Old Town Alexandria, Va. with her dog Sophie.She started painting in 2000, taking studio art classes at the Art League School located in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria. She began with drawing classes and then branched out into watercolor and oil eventually settling on painting in acrylic with mixed media collage, as her preferred medium. Since 2010, she has also been a member of the Robert Vanderzee School of Painting located on Lee St. in Alexandria. She has participated in workshops with many local and nationally known artists. She regularly enters juried and group shows. Jill enjoys traveling when the opportunity arises and has made several painting trips to Europe, South America and many U.S cities. She believes new places, smells and cultures stimulate her creativity. She feels the process of that creativity, of making art, for lack of a better word, connects her to the deepest aspects of herself.

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"Olga" SOLD  Acrylic with mixed media collage 10 " x 8 “

"Olga" SOLD
Acrylic with mixed media collage
10 " x 8 “

Maiden Form by Jill Brantley
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Yellow Light by Jill Brantley
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Other artwork by Jill Brantley

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