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My Space on 7th



January 7 – February 7, 2009

My Space on 7th
featuring 88 local artists

Opening Reception and Wine Tasting
ourtesy of Washington Wine Academy
Friday, January 9, 2009  6 - 8:30 pm
Two years ago Touchstone Gallery created My Space on 7th. It’s a unique, non-juried opportunity for local artists to exhibit at Touchstone’s gallery. In a short time, My Space on 7th has become a gallery tradition.

The upcoming January exhibition, like the two before it, drew an immediate response. All available spaces (88 artists selected 125 spaces for 300 or more artworks) were chosen within hours after registration opened. My Space on 7th  is designed to tap into two significant community needs: 1) to give local, often emerging, artists the rare opportunity to exhibit at a very low investment; and 2) to offer collectors the equally rare opportunity to view new and often reasonably priced work.

In these difficult times, it is more important than ever to have a thriving local arts scene. Support your local artists and join us at My Space on 7th from January 7 through February 7, 2009.

Artists participating: 

Roberta Alberding, Cynthia Angeles, Mia Baila, Amber Baum, Jennifer Beinhacker, Daniel Bell, Patricia S. Bennett, Gary P. Bergel, Olga Berman, Sophie Bethune, Harmon Biddle, Jorge Caceres, Mark Caicedo, Jeff Chyatte, Carol L. Clatterbuck, James Coates, Ceci Cole McInturff, Patricia Correa, Stephen Cromer, Matthew Dailey, Charles Dale, Karen Egbert, Alexander Feshenko, Jill Finsen, Eric Franklin, Oliver Freeman, Eric M. Ginsburg, Idamarie Giusti, Steve Goldenberg, Alex Goldschmidt, Joshua F. Gomez, Phil Gross, Catherine Gouarne, Regine M. Guillemin, Dede Haas, Justin D. Hoffmann,  Josh Holland, Anne Hornsby, Sandra D. Humphrey, Neal Hutchko, Angela Iovino, Shahrzad Heyat Jalinous, Jessica Jastrzebski, Dorothy Johnson, Rebecca Kallem, Peter Karp, Jenufa Kent, Angela Kleis, Rebecca J. Kuper, Harvey Kupferberg, Paula B. Lantz, Kay Layne, Gwendolyn L. Lewis, Emery J. Lewis, Andrew Logan, Teresa Roberts Logan, Rusty Lynn, Mary Mallia, Melinda Merinsky, Gerda V. Merwald, Elba A. Molina, Rachel Mooney, Del Moran, Lyonel Moreau, Tisha Myers, Kannan Naik Cangro, Martin Piccariello, Aline Pilar, Wendy Plotkin-Mates, Haydeh Rastin, Marina Reiter, Yelena Rodina, Lisa Rosenstein, Kaitlyn Scott, Paul W. Sharratt, Carole Lyles Shaw, Raju Singh, Brendan Smith, Matthew Smith, Luba Sterlikova, Rachel Sultanik, Sally ShangMing Tsou, Laurie Tylec, Caroline Urbania, Susan Van Pool, Daniel Venne, Paul Vickers, Cory Way, Anthem Wingate, Gwenn Zaberer.

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