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Earth's Elements Painting and Sculpture by Harmon Biddle



February 6 – March 1, 2015
Preview: February 4-5, 11-6pm

Earth's Elements

Painting and Sculpture

by Harmon Biddle

Opening Reception:

Friday, February 6, 6-8:30pm

Certain images in nature stay with Harmon Biddle and settle, for a long time, in her heart and mind. Colors and forms mix with her unconscious and her imagination. She finds the elements of our earth so extraordinary and feels compelled to capture them on paper, two dimensionally, and then transform them into glass, three dimensionally, as her eye sees.

Harmon Biddle is a local artist. Her medium is watercolor on paper. Her paintings are expressionistic, as she paints from recorded, and held, visual memories and impressions. As a practicing psychoanalyst, her unconscious process is her instrument, as she lets a combination of colors and forms float back into her conscious mind. The spiritual land of the southwest has been an inspiration for many of her works.

In the Spring of 2007, she began to participate in a project conceived by Adriano Berengo, Berengo Fine Arts in Murano, Venice, Italy.  The project, including a number of international artists, is to transform two dimensional works into three dimensional Murano glass sculptures. She works in the Berengo studio, in Murano, with the Master Glass Maker and his staff.  Their interest in her painting began with BLUE EGG.  They, and she, were able to envision a three dimensional transformation of this painting - BLUE EGG.  NIGHT, REMEMBRANCE, and several other paintings, featuring a variety of forms of eggs, have been transformed into Murano glass sculptures.  She continues this work but her paintings remain her deepest artistic expression.

Images: Remembrance, Murano Glass Sculpture and Blue Egg, Watercolor by Harmon Biddle

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