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AVIAN ATTITUDES: Owls, Hawks and a Vulture by COLLEEN SABO




     Preview:  June 4-5, 11 am – 6 pm

     June 6 – June 29, 2014


   Owls, Hawks and a Vulture 


   Opening Reception: Friday, June 6, 6 - 8:30pm

    Colleen Sabo’s all new watermedia paintings show the unknown and dangerous lives of birds of prey and debuts in DC’s Touchstone Gallery this June.

The permanently injured raptors that she has been privileged to work with for 15 years serve as muses for her abstract paintings.  Elusive Barn Owls, Great Horned Owls (also called the flying tigers of the woods), Barred Owls, Screech Owls, a Black Vulture, Red Tail and Harris Hawks, and Ospreys are featured in ways that have never been painted before.  

Sabo’s work with nonreleasable birds has given her a great understanding of just how amazing these creatures are.  Participation in their everyday care reveals their distinct and unique personalities, and how they react to their caretakers in captivity.  In the wild these birds are solitary, able to hunt to support themselves and their offspring, as they prepare their young for life in a dangerous world.  Brought to a sanctuary setting because of their permanent injuries, i.e., broken wings, injuries from a gunshot or fight with another raptor; loss of an eye--they become “ambassadors” to our communities, showing just how important a job they do for us, such as protecting us from disease by cleaning up our environment.  Sabo’s appearances with her muses educate the public and present a unique opportunity for public knowledge and understanding. Her new artwork offers yet another opportunity for Sabo to show her muses to the world. 

Sabo is an award-winning painter, a member of the Allied Artists of America and the Catharine Lorrilard Wolfe Art Clubs of New York City.  She has exhibited in juried and solo shows across the U.S. and is a well-known landscape painter. She is a member of Touchstone Gallery and serves on the Board of Directors.   

The opening reception at Touchstone will provide the opportunity to see some of her models in real life.



For more information contact Ksenia Grishkova, Director, 202.347.2787 or email

Touchstone Gallery is open Wednesday through Friday 11-6 and Saturday- Sunday from 12-5.