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Inch by Inch. 120+ Artists, each artwork ~100

  • Touchstone Gallery 901 New York Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20001 United States (map)

On display: December 5 - 23, 2018
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 8, 2 - 4pm
Passed hors d'oeuvres by Catering by LT
Open to Public
"Inch by Inch" 120+ Artists, each artwork ~100

Touchstone Gallery is pleased to present Inch By Inch , our seasonal 120-artist group exhibition celebrating the diversity of our local arts community. The group of artists consists of Spotlight Art Series@Touchstone 2017 applicants and the gallery’s current member artists. All of the artists may have little in common at first glance, but what unites them is a love of art and the desire to create it. Artworks participating in the show must be 100 square inches or so in size.

Art has a long history of bringing people together across boundaries. Art can increase our understanding of disparate and historically marginalized people and support underrepresented communities so they can create, sustain and share their own narratives.

Our work with area artists and local art organizations are an essential part in our aim to develop stronger relationships within our community. Opportunities for more progressive conversation among groups lead to insights and a shared sense of togetherness, and in turn lay the foundation for the exploration of mechanisms for maintaining vital cultural and community traditions.

Artists: Steve Alderton, David Alfuth, Nataliya Andreyeva, Linda Bankerd, Sara Bardin, Veronica Barker-Barzel, Darniesha Beach, Katherine Becker, Dorian Berman, Valerie Bernat, Joan Bixler, Madison Bolls, Stephen Borko, Adam Bradley, Jill Brantley, Richard Braswell, Dana Brotman, Kelly Burke, Sally Canzoneri, Ella Clayton, Diane Cooper Cabe, Marcia Coppel, Susi Cora, Ali Corser, Tory Cowles, Lea Craigie-Marshall, Charlie Dale, Sally Davies, Mari DeMaris, Jerry Desantis, Matailong Du, Julia Dzikiewicz, Maureen Farrell, Ryan Feipel, Elaine Florimonte, Betsy Forster, Christopher Fowler, Jeanne Garant, Ric Garcia, Judith Ferrebee Giuliani, Evan Goldman, Rosabel Goodman-Everard, Heike Gramckow, Tracie Griffith, Jewel Ham, Robin Harris, Nakia Heard, Michael Holt, Robert Hunter Photography, Warren A. Jackson, Pauline Jakobsberg, Timothy Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, Anna Katalkina, Cookie Kerxton, Makda Kibour, Harvey Kupferberg, Michael Lang, Paula B. Lantz, Deborah Lash, Joyce Lee, Eric Lesigne, Dee Levinson, Amani Lewiss, Linda Lowery, Ruth Lozner, Rosemary Luckett , Nipun Manda, Kate McConnell, Pete McCutchen, Theresa McFadden, Dale McGrath, McCain McMurray, Mike McSorley, Vatsala Menon, Sonya Michel, Carol Moore, Barb Mowery, Diane Mularz, Hernan Murno, Anh T. Nguyen, Charlene Nield, Linda Norton, Mary D. Ott, Nancy Ramsey, Sarah Renzi Sanders, Pamela Reynolds, BD Richardson, April M. Rimpo, Teresa Roberts Logan, Carolyn Rogers, Em Ruf, Colleen Sabo, Amy Sabrin, Azadeh Sahraeian, Claudia Samper, Stephen Schiff, Bushra Shamma, Janathel Shaw, Jennifer Singleton, Jasmin Smith, Maureen M.Squires, Brian Szente, Elena Tchernomazova, Lisa Tureson, Arpita Upadhyaya, Anne VanderWall, Rosa Vera, Gale Wallar, Steve Wanna, Patricia Williams, Marcie Wolf-Hubbard, Jenny Wu, Dale Youngkin, Alexey Zoob.