About Artist

Elaine Florimonte is a painter currently living and working in the northern Virginia and Washington, DC metro area. She is a graduate of Radford University in Radford Virginia with a BS in Art Education and an MFA in Two Dimensional Media and has been teaching art in Fairfax County Public Schools since 1996. Elaine exhibits her work often in the northern Virginia and DC area. Many of her pieces hang in public and private collections in the United States and internationally. Her work begins with a realistic image. Through the creative process, it often changes many times and the color combinations and overlapping lines and spaces direct the final piece. Her pieces develop through the process of mark making.  

Artist Statement

In my recent work, I have been exploring the manipulation of surface as a metaphor. Not only is the content of each piece important, but so is the tactile surface. I want the viewer to draw close to my work as a way to connect with the image before them. 

People come into our lives and leave a mark on us. Some marks enhance our lives  and some marks deface. Through careful editing, my paintings are a reckoning of those marks. The editing process will generally either finish the piece or ruin it completely. Some elements and images remain from stage to stage, but others are lost entirely. Some scars cannot be covered up and must be incorporated into the image; other impressions create a web that becomes a new matrix on which to build. Often the original image is recognizable in the final product and sometimes that original image loses its integrity all together. Art parallels life. 

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Seven Years Tall 2014  Acrylic on Panel 24x24in.

Seven Years Tall 2014
Acrylic on Panel 24x24in.

The Space Within Us  Acrylic on Canvas 36x48in.

The Space Within Us
Acrylic on Canvas 36x48in.