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“Gracie Has Found Her Perfect Pet,” The Party Has Started On the Moon,” and The Virgins Are Safe In Their Tower.”  These are some of the titles and subjects I deal with in my art work.  I started off as a Drawing and Painting major a long time ago, and along the way became a surrealist collage artist creating adventures for myself and the people who view my work.  I have been working and showing these works for the past 3 years.  Each construction that I create has its own story to tell, with a sometimes whimsical ending or a more thought provoking ending.

The constructions I have creating are an actual lesson plan gone wrong.  I am an art instructor, and created this unit of study to explore and explain Surrealism to my 8th grade students.  The students were introduced to such artist as Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, and thrown in for a little excitement, Arcimboldo. The students then began the process of discovering and dissecting a piece of art work by one of these artists.  What is surrealism all about, and why so unusual?

The students were then given a copy of a person, Mortomore, a copy from an 1886 Bloomingdale’s Catalog.  The student’s selected a background including interior and exterior copied from many sources.  Then they choose as many objects from black and white copies and created their surrealistic adventure.

The students then needed a written account of their character and the story they had created.  This is the part of the process that brought them to a halt.  They found the process very difficult and brought the learning process to a stop.

I, on the other hand, found that by creating examples with my students, I could not stop creating more and more on my own.  I found the process to be exciting and brought out a lot of creativity that I had not worked with for a long time.

I enjoyed the ability to create mini worlds that I and my characters can exist in.  I also find the process of creating these small worlds to be very therapeutic.  I spend my days around a lot of students demanding more and more of my time.  I enjoy the ability to sit alone and cut and combine images to be very peaceful and relaxing.

I have presented my students with my art work and they now have become very excited about their projects and this lesson has become a permanent in my art room.

David Alfuth

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