dana brotman

Artist Statement

For as long as I have been painting, it is the face that I find to be the most compelling subject.  In particular, I am especially focused on the gaze. The subjects of my paintings are at once both distracted, and yet completely engaged in some kind of wandering through memory and daydream, or absorbed in a kind of worry and longing.  The gaze I portray is both one of a far away look as well as one of looking inward.  It is the tension between this looking out and looking in that preoccupies me.

For more information about the artist please go to www.danabrotman.com

October 2017 Press release - solo show “beg, borrow + steal: works on cardboard” by dana brotman


"woman in cap" SOLD
Watercolor, acrylic, charcoal on paper

Other Paintings by dana brotman

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