"Pascal's Product” 30in x 22in Watercolor by Patricia Williams

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"Pascal's Product” 30in x 22in Watercolor by Patricia Williams


Original art by Patricia Williams

Painting - 
30in. x 22in. Watercolor  

Framed - 35-5/8in. h x 27½in. w

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“Pascal's Product” - Inspired by Pascal’s Triangle

Pascal’s triangle is a fascinating arrangement of numbers.  Starting with 1 at the top of a triangle, each number in the succeeding rows is the sum of the two numbers immediately above it.

Many interesting patterns of numbers, such as the Fibonacci series and the binomial expansion of any power, can be found in Pascal’s triangle. The flowers in the painting represent Pascal’s petals. For any cell surrounded by six other cells, the product of the numbers in any three alternate surrounding cells is equal to the product of the numbers in the other three alternate surrounding cells. How cool is that?

For more information about patterns in Pascal’s triangle, a good place to start is http://ptri1.tripod.com/#prime .

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