"Babylonian Math” 20in x 16in Watercolor by Patricia Williams


"Babylonian Math” 20in x 16in Watercolor by Patricia Williams


Original art by Patricia Williams

Painting - 
20in x 16in Watercolor  

Framed - 20¾in. h x 24¾in. w

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"Babylonian Math" - inspired by the Silver Ratio and the Babylonians

The ancient Babylonians (2000-1600 BC) were superb mathematicians. They apparently did not recognize the concept of zero, they were almost 4000 years away from the Internet and they used an unwieldy sexegesimal (base 60) counting system. Nevertheless, they left behind more than 400 clay tablets illustrating advanced mathematical concepts including fractions, algebra, quadratic and cubic equations. The tablet designated YBC7289 shows an approximation of the square root of two, , to six decimal places.  The square root of two is a key component of the silver ratio, also called the silver mean. 

To see an image of YBC7289, visit https://johncarlosbaez.wordpress.com/2011/12/02/babylon-and-the-square-root-of-2/ .

For more about the silver mean, visit https://maxwelldemon.com/2009/05/20/unscheduled-post-the-silver-ratio/

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