The Art of Interaction

Solo show April 2014

Quotidian: The Art of Interaction, an exhibit of new narrative, figurative oil paintings by local artist Shelley Lowenstein, debuts at DC’s Touchstone Gallery on April 2, 2014 and runs through April 30. The Opening party on April 4 goes from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, and the Closing party will be on April 25 at the same times.

 Quotidian is a natural evolution from Lowenstein’s last show Rail Ways, which depicted people in transition.  “In Rail Ways, I focused on the act of movement, of people with places to go. In these new works, I try to capture how people’s gestures, body language and movement create space, or distance, between themselves and those around them.”

 Lowenstein said the idea for the show came from her own sense that people connect with one another less.  “I’ll talk to anybody, but I am increasingly the exception, not the rule.  In these paintings, we see people alone and in crowded public spaces from scenes of every day life -- a train station, a theater, a bus stop, a parade. But the irony is that the connectivity which is so central to modern life seems to be creating isolation or loneliness. That’s a paradox I am trying to capture in these works,” she said. 

 Lowenstein acknowledges that she can’t really know what’s actually going on in the minds of the people she paints.  “But I believe the space between the figures isn’t accidental.  It tells a story of people who occupy their own bubbles every day.” 

 Lowenstein has exhibited her work in juried, group, and solo shows. Her paintings are held in private collections here and abroad, and she has completed many commissions.  She is a Copyist at the National Gallery of Art and has been a member of Touchstone for several years.   

 She will be working on a new painting at the gallery throughout the month of April, and welcomes visitors and questions.