Artist Statement

Photography, in one form or another, has always been a major part of Ryan’s life.  Whether sitting on a mountain side waiting for the right light, or hiking miles in the desert searching for the perfect venue, photography has helped to show him the time of his life.  He continually strives to capture the artistry in everyday life just as much as those far of the beaten path. Ryan finds the natural beauty in nature, cities and people alike.  Having traveled the world in the military for years has provided him a special appreciation for what the world has to offer.

At the ripe young age of eight Ryan bought his first camera and started shooting everything.  It was an absolute money pit with its single use flash bar and fixed lens.  It took years for him to realize fine art was more in the eye than the equipment.  Eventually honing his craft Ryan began to focus more on the optimal subject rather than getting caught up on the ever advancing equipment.  Improvisation often results to some of his best work.  He prefers to walk the streets and get lost in the forest.  As he sees it, if he doesn’t have a great story to tell the photo will show it. 

Artist Website

See more of Ryan Feipel’s work at  www.cantraphotography.com

Or follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cantraphotos/

and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cantraphotography/

"Monolithic” 50in. X 33in. Acrylic Face Mount Photograph by Ryan Feipel
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Cool Waters by Ryan Feipel
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North Tower by Ryan Feipel
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