Rules and Policies from Membership Meetings Last Updated 09.2014


1.Commissions 02.2014


Commissions on gallery sales

Gallery sales are sales that are processed by the gallery:

60/40 artist/gallery. The 40% gallery commission shall be further divided: 25% to the gallery, 15% to the director

Discounted gallery sales: the 60/40 is applied to the final price, i.e. the price after the discount is taken.

Off site gallery sales: 60/40 (these require the same level of effort as regular sales). If the offsite venue charges the gallery a commission, the 60/40 applies to the amount received by the gallery after the commission is taken by the venue.

Other materials sold by the gallery which are not artworks such as commemorative posters, artist books: 60/40

Artworks sold by guest artists at the gallery, such as but not limited to, the annual mini solo show and artists who rent gallery space: 60/40


Commission on studio, on-line and referral sales: These sales are processed by the artist and are defined as sales made by the artist outside of the gallery resulting from a client’s contact with the gallery. 75/25 artist/gallery. The 25% gallery commission shall be further divided: 10% director, 15% gallery

A studio sale is a sale made as a result of the client having seen the artwork in the gallery during the previous 12 months and then purchasing the artwork from the artist.

An online sale occurs when the client sees artwork on the gallery's website, contacts the artist directly, and then purchases that artwork from the artist.

A referral sale is that resulting when a potential buyer receives a referral from the gallery to one or more artists, and the buyer contacts the artist(s) and purchases artwork directly from the artist(s).

These artist/client sales, with the 25% commission being paid to the gallery by the artist, are based on mutual trust between the artist and the gallery.



(2). Space Management Policy 03/2011(revised 11/14):

Maximizing the Use of our Gallery Space. When a solo show vacancy occurs,

First--we will look for an income-generating solution in house in the following order:

Any full, show or associate member, who has been a member for two years or has prepaid dues at the full membership rate for two years, may opt to mount a show in the space for a premium of $1000. Inactive members may do so for $2000. If multiple members opt to fill the vacated space, then a draw will determine which artist will occupy the vacant space. This exhibition opportunity does not take the place of a previously scheduled solo show.

 Second--If no member wants to take the spot offer it to TFA for $1500.

Third:-If no member or TFA wants to take the spot, invite an outside arts group (or several individual artists working in same medium) to show for a month in the space for a fee of $2000.

Fourth--If no income generating possibilities come forward, we will expand all member's exhibit into the vacant space for one month.

3.  New Member categories

2/2010 New members may only join as Full, Show or Youth members, but not as Associate members.

10/2004 Young Artist (New Membership Category)

05/2013 This artist membership category was suspended and replaced by the TFA fully funded Young Fellowship Member (2 year Full Member; dues paid by TFA; followed by a solo exhibition also funded by TFA; benefits & responsibilities described in the TFA contract with the Fellow). 

Candidates must be between the ages of 21 and 30 years old and they are juried like any other applicant.

4. Member Responsibilities 09/1999 revised 12/1999 Gallery staffing Guidelines

Each full and associate member is responsible for ensuring that the gallery is staffed one day out of every month according to the following system:

          •           Staffing calendars for the two upcoming months will be circulated at each monthly meeting during which time members present sign up for their staffing day.

          •           If a member is unable to staff the gallery for a particular month, he/she must still sign up for a day and then trade that day with a member who is available, or hire a substitute.

          •           If a member cannot attend the meeting, he/she must contact the Calendar Director before the meeting to sign up for appropriate days

          •           After the meeting the Calendar Director will randomly assign remaining days to members who have failed to sign up.

          •           Completed calendars will be distributed with the newsletter each month.

          •           It is solely the member's responsibility to arrange exchanges of workdays or to hire a substitute.

          •           Any changes to the staffing calendar must be reported to the Gallery Director and the Calendar Director.

          •           Members who fail to staff the gallery on their assigned day will be charged a fine of $50 (with prior notification) or $75 (without prior notification).

10/1998 Failure to Staff Gallery on Assigned Day

If a member does not staff gallery on assigned day, he/she will be charged one of the following fines:

            •           $50, if a delinquent member notifies the director prior to the assigned date.

            •           $75, if a delinquent member does not notify director prior to the assigned date.

            •           The director will notify member of appropriate fine and follow up with the treasurer to make sure fine is paid in a timely way.

11/1998  Failure to Pay Dues and /or Fulfill Duties

Any member who is delinquent in dues payment and/or gallery sitting or fulfilling any other duties as described in the by-laws and membership agreement, shall be notified by the board of directors, in writing, of his or her lapse and reminded of his or her contractual obligation. This notice shall be given after a two month lapse.  If the member does not rectify the problem within one month of notification, his or her artwork will be removed from exhibition. Work will not be exhibited again until the member resumes his or her payments and/or duties.

02/1999  Press Releases and Other show Publicity

It is the responsibility of each artist to prepare and send press releases and other publicity materials for his/her solo show.  The director will provide assistance in preparing these materials, if requested.  Artists are advised to start publicity preparations 4 months before their show.

The director shall send a request for calendar listings, once a month to the following publications:

Galleries Magazine, Washington Post Weekend Section, Washington Times, Washington City Paper


5. Jurying New Members*

2/2004  Jury Application

Applicants  jurying at any monthly meeting must request this at least one week prior to the member meeting. The jury application process is being reviewed and updated (2/25/2013). 

2003  Initiation and Assessment

Initiation fees and special membership assessments may be assessed if judged necessary and appropriate by a vote of the membership.

The Criteria Guidance for Jurying Report 02.2011 was accepted as follows:

Gallery Goal: exhibiting/selling contemporary work of high quality, vision, innovation, diversity.  To be diverse we will try to attract new members who do work we are short on.

Jury Criteria: 1.  Originality of content    2. Originality of style       3. Mastery of medium

Standard Format  used for Jurying prospective members

            •           All members present at a meeting form the jury 

            •           Work, bio and resume are present (candidate is not)

            •           Discussion period chaired by membership team leader

            •           Printed ballot – criteria for selection as reminder, name of applying artist, yes/no boxes, lines to comment about art work if  “no”

6/2006 Quorum

Before each jury of prospective members, a statement will be read defining a quorum: * Quorum equals 1/3 of the members. The size of the quorum depends on the number of Full/Assoc./Youth members at that time. If  we have 48 members, then we need to have 1/3 of 48 members present and voting.

Assuming there is a quorum present and voting, 2/3 of those present and voting must vote in favor in order for a person to be accepted.
If for example there are 18 present and voting, 2/3 of 18 equals 12 so 12 would have to vote in favor. If the are 21 there, 2/3 of 21 is 14 and 14 would have to vote in favor.


6. Gallery Renters

2010 Those who pay a fee to rent either a space or one of the gallery spaces (A,B, or C) also pay a minimum of 10% commission on sales to cover the cost of charge card fees.

Revised 11/2011: All guest renters pay 40% commission no matter what the rental or entry fee is.

7. Purchases:

2003  Direct Payment of Invoices

Invoices for solo show expenses on items ordered through the gallery , ie. signage, beverages, will be forwarded from the gallery directly to the member who is responsible for paying the vendor directly.

2001  Expense Reimbursement

Bills for reimbursable gallery expenses must be submitted to the Treasurer within 60 days in order for reimbursement to occur.


8. Touchstone Gallery Policy on Original Art and Reproductions 08.2012

All work on display and for sale at Touchstone Gallery must be original artwork.  With the exception of hand bound or published artist books, no reproductions of an original two-dimensional piece may be displayed or sold, whether framed or unframed; or in the form of 3-D items such as mugs, shirts, etc .

Original Art:

Painting (all media), drawing, mixed media, collage, photography, and original fine art prints (hand pulled intaglio, relief, serigraph, lithograph, monotype, mixed method, etc.*) should be consistent with the intent of the artist to create an original artwork. This does not conflict with or infringe on the photographer's and printmaker's intentions to produce an edition, the size of which is determined by the artist. 

            •           Each print should have the year of the print written on the front or back, along with its number in the edition, for example, number 13/25 (or 13th of 25th in the series). 

            •           Records should be kept by the artist so that the number of prints in a series is not exceeded. 

            •           It is recommended that the artist provide other information with each print - paper used, printer instrument, ink type, certification of authenticity, etc.


An image that is created to replicate an already existing artwork is considered a reproduction.   The intention of creating a reproduction would be to sell it at a lower price than the original, rather than to create an original work.

New Technology and Original Art:

Many new methods and materials are available to visual artists and the above descriptions of original art are not intended to limit the medium of choice.  Commercial processes and new technologies are available to the individual artist.  Exploration of new technology inspires new ways for artists to create originals.

The intention of the artist can best define her/his resulting artwork.  It should be clear to the Touchstone Gallery viewer/client that the artist has produced an original piece. 

* definitions of the many types of printmaking is on file at the Gallery.

10.  Touchstone Gallery Solo Show Draw Procedure 05.2014

 Full or Show members may schedule a month-long solo show every 2 years or every 3 years.  New members shall complete dues payments for a minimum of 2 years before their first solo is mounted. (For succeeding shows, the solo may be scheduled for slightly less or slightly more than 2 years.)

Gallery B (interior space) and Gallery C (window space) are reserved for member solos.  The wall running feet measurement is nearly identical for Both B and C Galleries.

Gallery  A is reserved for displaying work from all members and is changed every month.  During one month each year the member show is expanded to include either Gallery B or Gallery C, in which case there will be only one solo exhibit.  This Expanded Show month is determined in advance of the draw.   The August MiniSolo Exhibit (fundraiser show) takes up all three gallery spaces, and members show small works in the bin area.

TFA Fellowship Member artists will mount a solo exhibit during the last month of their two year tenure.

To schedule solo exhibits, a simple draw method is used:

{C}1.          In March of a given year the Show Calendar Person will facilitate a draw of those members eligible for a show in the following year. Eligible members (both "new" and "old") will be notified of their eligibility beforehand.

{C}2.          Should a member wish to schedule a show in year-3 instead of year-2, that member notifies the Show Calendar Person prior to the March draw.  The year-3 soloist will draw the following year with all the 2-year solo people for that year.

{C}3.          Those solo artists not present at the draw meeting MUST participate by a proxy who knows their month preferences.  In lieu of a chosen proxy, one will be chosen for the missing member, and a month will be arbitrarily selected for that artist.

{C}4.          Each eligible member (or proxy) draws a number from one to 20 from the proverbial hat.  The person with the lowest number selects the month in which he/she wishes to have a solo.  Then the next lowest-number-person and so on until all the available months are selected.  Naturally, drawing a higher number means fewer month options are available when it comes to that person's turn. Immediately after the draw, some trading of months between the artists often occurs, so generally everyone comes away okay with the month they are to solo.  

{C}5.          It has been suggested that some months are preferable over others for soloing.  In reality, every month has both positive and negative attributes.  It has been our experience at 901 NY AVE that attendance and PR pick-up for any given month is unpredictable.  Your show is what you make of it.  Enthusiasm about your own work generates interest on the part of the press, invitees and clients.

{C}6.          When a solo show vacancy occurs, the Space Management Policy will be carried out. 

11. Bin Gallery Guidelines 09.2014


The Bin Gallery offers an opportunity for artists to display additional two-dimensional works and for buyers to view both a larger selection of works in general and the works on an individual artist in greater depth. To be an effective marketing tool, the bins should offer new works on a regular basis. Full, show, associate and emeritus members are eligible to place works in the bin gallery.


{C}·       Each artist may display up to five original pieces in the Bin Gallery. The artwork should be flat, protected by a sleeve, and sized to fit comfortably in the bin. We have three bins that accommodate works of up to 20” h x 24” w and one bin that will accommodate works of up to 25” h x 36” w, including mats if appropriate. Individual works may be displayed for up to two months and should be replaced after that time. Specific entry and removal dates are at the discretion of the artist.

{C}·       Each work should include a label with the artist’s name, title of the piece, media and price. The label should be attached to the top center back of the sleeve.

{C}·       Each work should be recorded in the online Bin Inventory available at the Gallery. A sample of the inventory sheet is shown in Exhibit A. The date when the work is removed or sold should also be included. Tracking sales will help us evaluate our marketing efforts for the Bin Gallery.

{C}·       An individual work can only be offered in the Bin Gallery for two months out of any 12-month period.