A NOTE FROM TFA ABOUT Touchstone Foundation Fellowship 2017:
The process this year began with close to 40 applications, a large number of which were credible. After reviewing the submissions, we invited the top 8 to bring in work for review. Of those, we brought 4 in for interviews and recommend the following two for your consideration:

JD Deardourff has a BFA in printmaking from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago in 2012. He has shown widely in curated and juried shows in the DC area in the several years since, including at the Hillyer Art Space, Washington Printmakers’ Gallery, Studio Gallery and McLean Project for the Arts. He has developed a list of clients and been commissioned to create murals. He teaches printmaking workshops.
His work is vibrant, technically outstanding and visually compelling. He is well-integrated into the younger DC arts scene. We believe that he has a lot to contribute to the Gallery.

Fithi Abraham, a painter, was born in Eritrea. He will receive his BFA in May from George Mason and has shown in many juried shows during his student years. He is mature, thoughtful and engaging. His work is perhaps a bit more conventional, but it is very well-executed and presented with professionalism. He seemed genuinely interested in the prospect of engaging with other members of the Touchstone community and working on Foundation and Gallery projects.

We believe that both of these young artists are outstanding candidates for the 2017 Fellowship, with a slight preference among the TFA Board for JD Deardourff. This preference is based primarily on the quality of the artwork.


We need to choose one TFA fellow applicants out of two John Deardourff or Fithi Abraham and vote on a regular returning artist member jury Roberto de Carvalho
Please do not compare regular member artist jury with TFA fellows.

Consider: Originality of content Originality of style Mastery of medium I WOULD LIKE TO JURY THIS ARTIST TO JOIN THE GALLERY - choose one to become TFA FELLOW
Roberto de Carvalho regular member jury
Consider: Originality of content Originality of style Mastery of medium