About the Artist

Leslie Blackmon has been exhibiting her work in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland for the past eleven years.  She holds a Master Certificate of Drawing and Painting from the Washington Studio School and works from her studio in the Jackson Art Center in DC.  

Artist Statement

I am a painter and a collage artist.  I love the materiality of paint and the expressive power of brushwork.  I love the freedom and playful spontaneity of collage, and it is with this technique that I am my most inventive.

I turn to many sources to develop my imagery.  I grew up in the American South and that place has a strong hold on me, though I left it at the age of 22.   I have travelled widely and have wound up far from home, both literally and figuratively;  thus, many disparate places, events, cultural attitudes,  and people crowd my memories.  Painting is a way for me to reconnect with my distant past and to reconcile my present with the very different life I left behind.  Because memories are vague and fleeting, I turn to many sources to develop my imagery for paintings:  Southern literature, old family photos, travel sketches and inventive sketching from my own memory.  Sometimes an image will emerge that is especially compelling, visually and symbolically, and I will paint multiple variations of that image to explore all of its possibilities.   One series generates the imagery for the next, in an ongoing process of mining the past.

I move freely between nonrepresentational and figurative abstraction, as my process and content dictate.  Although I use visual references, I rely most on intuition and invention.  Images often become distorted and combine in surreal ways in my works, just as they do in dreams and in fading memories of events.   I welcome this strangeness. 

For further information, please visit: www.leslieblackmon.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leslie.blackmon/

No Mercy by Leslie Blackmon

Original artwork, acrylic on gallery–wrapped canvas, 60” x 48”

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Down by the River by Leslie Blackmon

Original artwork, collage (framed), 13.5” x 20.5”

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Back Yard Hazards of Yore by Leslie Blackmon

Original artwork, collage (framed), 11” x 15”

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Baby Mule by Leslie Blackmon

Original artwork, oil on paper (unframed), 16” x 12”

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Endure and Protect by Leslie Blackmon

Original artwork, acrylic on gallery–wrapped canvas, 72” x 48”

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Original artwork, acrylic/mixed media  on paper(matted/unframed), 14” x 13”

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Broken by Leslie Blackmon

Original artwork, acrylic/mixed media  on paper (matted/unframed), 13” x 13”

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No Luck by Leslie Blackmon

Original artwork, acrylic/mixed media (framed), 15.5” x 15.5”

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Angry Mule by Leslie Blackmon

Original artwork, oil  on paper (framed), 16 x 12”

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