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My style is minimal without being austere, subtle and delicate.  My paintings are tranquil in a way that abstract art generally is not.  Color, value and texture are the subject. Art is made from inventiveness.  It's made of intuitive feelings.  As artists we make our own rules.  We find out what works for us.  Art is more than a hobby or a profession - it's become my way of thinking. Sometimes it comes easy and art is great fun.  Sometimes it just won't cooperate and art is hard work.  I like it both ways.

When I am painting I am somewhere else - I'm so lucky. I can never wait to get into the studio to exercise my passion. Since my work is nonrepresentational, the viewer is able to lose himself in his own imagination, bringing forth images and emotions that are both universal and individual.

My work has been exhibited widely at venues including the National Collage Society, Ohio; Sharon Arts Center, NH; Printmakers Inc Exchange Exhibit, Belfast & Dublin, Ireland; National Institute of Health, MD; Art Expo, New York City; The Athenaeum, VA; The Art League, VA. A resident artist at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA was where I painted and exhibited my art for many years.   I now work from my home studio in Arlington, VA.

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