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Painting the Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding landscapes is a way of life for Colleen who has lived and boated on the Bay for 25 years, painting out of doors and in her studio overlooking Herring Bay in Friendship, Maryland . She use the mediums of watercolor and acrylics to capture scenes on the Bay in ways that they have never been painted before, using abstract colors to accentuate its beauty,  striving to portray scenes in ways that are unique and yet evocative of the natural beauty of our earth.  Colleen uses watercolors in a very different way--her paints are infused with opaque white watercolor, which, when dry, produce a hard, almost chalk-like appearance.  Some paintings have as many as 20 layers of paint, each one still affecting the paint below and being changed slightly by the layer over it.  The resulting glow in the finished painting is one that is unusual and renders beautiful, colorful scenes, abstracts and figures.

She believes that an artist’s success depends on the ability to be creative—to put a new “spin” on the subjects they portray, whether realistically or in abstraction.  To achieve success in this way, one has to intimately know the source material from which one works.  Colleen also enjoys the unique opportunity to work with permanently injured birds of prey (owls, hawks and vultures) with Maryland National Capital Planning and Parks Commission.  By participating in all aspects of care for these birds and educational programs for the community, she has developed a close relationship with these wonderful creatures and is able to render paintings of them full of life, color and personality.


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06.2014 Press release "AVIAN ATTITUDES: Owls, Hawks and a Vulture" by Colleen Sabo Solo show

05.2012 Press release “VIVID HORIZON: COLOR AND LIGHT” By Colleen Sabo Solo show

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