Art of Engagement

August 04 to 24, 2017

Touchstone Gallery, located less than a mile away from The White House and Capitol Hill, presents its second national juried exhibition on the state of the political and social climate. Last year at the height of the presidential election season we focused on Art as Politics. This year our exhibit Art of Engagement reflects artists reacting to the new national reality. Race, women's rights, environmental issues, immigration, refugee crises, possession of power and social media influence are only a few of the topics that inspire the artwork. Artists standing up and speaking out create a critical discussion through the lens of visual scrutiny. We hope this exhibit, using the universal language of art, will engage us all in a conversation about today's important issues and concerns. Jack Rasmussen, Director and Curator of American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, was invited to jury this exhibition. He selected 70 plus artworks out of the 750 submitted from across the country.


Art as Politics

August 05 to 25, 2016

Touchstone Gallery’s timely exhibition Art as Politics uncovers the voices of artists from across the nation who want their outlooks to be heard along with the current players in the 2016 election cycle. “The fact that there is a lot riding on this election is the understatement of the century,” says juror Jayme McLellan, “And the pressing--perhaps crushing--social problems plaguing the United States are brought to the forefront by the artists in this national juried exhibition at Touchstone called Art as Politics. Gun violence, immigration, border walls, climate change, homelessness, racism, #BlackLivesMatter, rape, women’s rights, net neutrality, the psychology of candidates and elected leaders including Hillary, The Donald, Bernie, Obama, and more– it’s all in here.”