Azadeh Sahraeian

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Artist Statement


“Form is end, Death. Form-giving is movement, action. Form-giving is life.”

Paul Klee

 I create abstract pen drawings which are inspired by growth processes. My drawings are complex systems of dots and lines with internal interactions that are unfolding and forming as time passes by. Hence, these meticulous art works come along with a gradual formation in level of details. They are harmonious whole yet developed step-by-step; organic yet abstract; unpredictable yet mathematical; ordered yet chaotic; still yet fluxing. There is a continuous mutation in the process of emerging; an ongoing dialogue between formation and deformation in which my drawings unfold only a spectrum of it. 

As an architect and artist I like to create living things; not biologically alive but things that have a perceptible degree of life. Observing natural and man-made patterns and complex systems enable me to define a personal methodology in art and design. From the city of Venice to the Alhambra, from a leaf to a breaking ocean wave, there is an order, common properties and defined creation processes which can be identified, measured and be used in creating living things in this world.Hence, I see life in the order of these natural and artificial structures and generate my artworks based on their properties and characteristics.






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Below are Azadeh’s 4 Series: Morphogenesis, Magnetic Growth, Formation Series, and Metamorphosis

Morphogenesis Series:


Magnetic Growth Series:


Formation Series:


Metamorphosis Series: