Anna Katalkina

About the Artist

Anna Katalkina is a realist painter working in the Washington, DC area. She grew up in Saint Petersburg, Russia and has lived in London, Paris, and Birmingham, AL. Anna began painting in her mid-teens in Saint Petersburg, inspired by frequent visits to the Hermitage and the Russian Art Museum, as well as the burgeoning contemporary art emerging from the underground in the late 1980s. After moving to the US, she trained in drawing and painting at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Winchester studio of a Maroger-method painter Robert White, and the Corcoran College of Art and Design. Anna’s paintings can be found in private collections in the US and internationally.

Artist Statement

For the last few years, I have been focusing on small contemporary still lifes, utilizing a technique similar to that of the 17th century Dutch Masters’. This method involves a large number of translucent and semi-translucent layers of paint applied on an opaque base. This provides a work of great depth and luminosity. This process is time consuming, as each glaze must dry before the next may be applied. An average painting requires between twenty and thirty layers, yet the final surface is very smooth.

Although I am using a centuries’ old technique with its propensity for high detail, my subject matter and composition are contemporary. My work expressly balances seriousness and humor, elegance and simplicity, tradition and modernity.

The current series, “Candy and Mementos,” explores the sweetness of happy memories, lived or anticipated, through the careful depiction of collectibles, souvenirs, and candy found in the US and Europe.

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